Science is rad because it enables the proliferation of Art. 
Scientific investigation and accident allow us to uncover knowledge which can be employed towards inventions to ease the fundamental burdens of furthering our existence(s). This in turn accords us free time and energy, with which we may produce and consume Art.
Furthermore, each new invention, born from Science or serendipity, might be appropriated by the creators and patrons of Art, to facilitate new modes for Art. The printing press, loudspeaker, cathode ray tube.
The parallels between Science and Art, regarding the roles of such things as curiosity, theory, discipline, luck, and perseverance, are strong. The line many endeavor to impose in order to discriminate the two can be evasive.
The aforementioned struggle our species faces in its perpetuation is not limited to securing a means of metabolism; we have been granted--have seized in our evolution--a double-edged sort of awareness, and the discoveries of Science sharpen both sides of that blade.
Art is cool because it gives us, in the face of our sapience, reason to continue Science.

B.A. Music, summa cum laude

B.A. Chemistry, magna cum laude

Amherst College


M.S. Physical Chemistry Candidate [Goda Laboratory]

GSGC Scholar

The University of Tokyo